Main services of BH Consulting and Solution are:

Intercultural Communications

We create a coherent working environment where all contributors to a project with various goals work in consistency and understanding. Professionals in real estate, construction, architecture, planning, development, private investors, financial structuring, accounting, banking, marketing from different countries, cultures and traditions aim big, work hard, and achieve success. We know perfectly that only different views combined, not confronted, elevate each project, and we achieve it every time.

Setting goals

We set goals, analyze results, and report the achievement of the chosen objectives, ensuring transparency for our clients. Only mutual goals with well-defined responsibilities, structured plan and determined tasks lead to success. We actively collaborate with you defining and reconsidering your goals any step of the way.

Action planning

We are experts in strategy implementation and prepare action plans suitable for your business needs. We work closely with companies to guide them through the execution process of their goals. You can trust us to bring your vision to life.

Corporate Consulting and Structuring

We negotiate and collaborate with third parties, using our expertise as a leverage to secure favorable terms, while our approach fosters strong partnerships with external stakeholders.

Project Development

We specialize in project management mainly in commercial real estate, offering tailor-made services to our clients. With our in-depth market knowledge, we provide strategic approaches to our clients to navigate them in the dynamic business landscape.

Business development

We deliver business research, create marketing strategies, and business development services. We help clients make informed decisions and develop their business growth.

Solving difficult business cases

We provide comprehensive solutions by combining problem solving, conflict resolution and legal expertise. We identify and address challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes.